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An Attorney You Can Count On

When faced with a legal issue, an attorney with extensive knowledge and experience is an important and often necessary asset. Quick results and accessibility are also important. At the J. Crawford Law Firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, these qualities — and more — are what I am known for.

I am attorney John F. Crawford II, and I am committed to finding solutions for you in matters of property disputes, estate plans and other legal services. I have been practicing for nine years, and I know what it takes to represent you: knowledgeable counsel, personable rapport and aggressive representation.

In addition to my experience, my extensive knowledge spans multiple practice areas. I will strive for understanding at every step of the legal process, and we will work together to discern the best course of action, whether that involves litigation, settlement or another method.

Offering A Variety Of Legal Services

At J. Crawford Law Firm, I specialize in estate plans and property disputes. My expertise in these practice areas allows me to handle almost any case that falls under them, whether it involves wills, successions, boundary disputes, servitudes or other legal services. In particular, I specialize in cases of interdiction and guardianships, which are not often areas of expertise for lawyers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where my firm is located.

In addition to estate plans and property disputes, I am able to provide services in general litigation, collections, homeowners' association representation, commercial law and elder abuse.

Get Solutions Now

When we sit down together to discuss your situation, I will listen to you and address all of your concerns and offer candid legal advice. Whether you need an estate plan, are involved in a property dispute or need other litigation or legal services, I can help you understand your situation and your options. Schedule a consultation with the J. Crawford Law Firm at 225-250-1273. You can also contact me through email.

My firm is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I serve clients throughout the city and the surrounding areas.


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