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When An Interdiction Is Needed

Life is unpredictable. Illness, accidents and health concerns can mean that someone needs to step in, either temporarily or for a longer term, to help a loved one make decisions.

An interdiction is used when an adult (the interdict) is unable to make decisions for themselves, especially regarding property or assets. A family member or close friend may be put in charge of the interdict’s property and/or health care decisions.

A curator is a person who is appointed by the court to be in charge of the interdict’s property and/or health care decisions. If a medical or financial power of attorney is not named in the estate plan, an interdiction can ensure that a person to help is assigned.

Two Types Of Interdiction

An interdiction can be temporary, such as after a serious accident or stroke, long term or permanent. There are two different types of interdiction: full and limited.

  • Full interdiction means the court has determined that an individual is not able to make decisions in their own best interest. A curator is then appointed and fully in charge of the interdict’s person, assets and property.
  • Limited interdiction means that the interdict may retain some rights but is not able to consistently make decisions about his person (what medical treatment or health care is needed) or property (how to handle money) or both.

If the interdiction is temporary, the court will set a date for termination. The benefits of an interdiction are that the interdict will receive the support they need that is in their best financial and physical interest. This can include getting necessary medical treatment, caring for property, paying bills and managing finances.

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