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What Every Estate Plan Needs

Formulating an estate plan can be overwhelming. With so many options and important decisions to make, you may find yourself lost in the shuffle in all of the legal jargon and paperwork. If you are in a situation where you need to ensure the estate plan of a loved one is followed, the stress can be just as great.

I am attorney John F. Crawford II, and I specialize in legal assistance involving estate plans. At J. Crawford Law Firm, I can help you in matters of:

I am able to handle any aspect of estate planning, even beyond these services. Whether it involves estate administration or probate, petitioning for a curator for a loved one’s estate or tax issues, the J. Crawford Law Firm can help you and your family in the formulation and execution of an estate plan.

Many of my clients have not been involved in matters like these. My knowledge in this practice area is thorough, and I will take the time to answer all of your questions, evaluate your situation and take the appropriate legal steps to ensure your and your loved ones’ assets are protected and accounted for and your wishes are satisfied.

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What every estate plan needs is a knowledgeable, personable lawyer who can help you make important decisions concerning these very important documents. For legal help with an estate plan, or assistance in matters of power of attorney, call the J. Crawford Law Firm today at 225-250-1273. You can also contact me through email.

I am located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I represent clients in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.